High Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Monovarietal Canino

maximum expression of our territory


The Etrus extra virgin olive Oil comes from love and respect for our land. In 2017, Bernardo and Federica, wishing for a new project that was free expression and loving care of territory, gave birth to a dream, the Etrus oil. The product aims at excellence in every phase of its realization to be unique and qualitative.

Product description

The Etrus oil comes from centuries-old Canino varieties trees, Canino is in fact the native cultivar of the Viterbo territory. Olive oil is the brand identity of a particular region.
For the 2018 campaign we decided to produce an oil made only from this cultivar, a monovarietal Canino, to be the maximum expression of the territory, with its characteristic aromas and flavours.


250 ml

Year: 2018

€ 6,00



500 ml

Year: 2018

€ 12,00


On request also available in 3 l can (42 €) and 5 l can (70 €)

As soon as it is produced, it has an emerald green colour with golden reflections, the nose expresses notes of freshness typical of a healthy and fresh olive, as well as hints of freshly mown grass, green almonds and musk.


Thanks to the delicacy and richness of perfumes it manages to perfectly interpret any combination in the kitchen.
Excellent for vegetables, soups, legumes, bruschetta, red meats and grilled fish.

Did you know that oil is a vegetable fat?

The choice of the right fat to be included in our daily diet a influences lot our health.
Since oil is a vegetable fat, unlike animal fats, it does not contain cholesterol.

The oil is sensitive to light, heat and contact with oxygen, so we always recommend storing the product in a cool, dry place away from sources of heat and in the appropriate containers.

Harvesting method

Harvesting takes place at the most appropriate time, that is when the olive has reached a ripening point marked by the colour halfway between green and purple (veraison).
Olives are harvested with modern techniques that respect tradition at the same time. These techniques allow to harvest olives at the right level of ripeness, intact and healthy, ready to be processed in the mill.

We choose to harvest the olives at a precise moment of maturation, that is in their phase of maximum concentration of polyphenols / antioxidants, which are the characteristics for a good and healthy oil, and also essential substances for the human being.
Polyphenols are also attributed positive biomedical effects on cardiovascular level.
And not only, it is also useful for digestive system, for skin, for endocrine and bone systems.
We constantly monitor the changes of the olives, which depend not only on their genetic characteristics but also on the climatic conditions, determining factors for the final quality of the product.

The transport

The care of the olive is essential for a quality product: the harvest begins at the first light of dawn and ends at sunset when the olives are taken immediately to the mill that is only 5 km from the olive grove. This allows the organoleptic characteristics of the fruit to remain unaltered. The olives arrive at the mill, protected and put under cover from the start of any fermentation process, because the latter is extremely damaging to the quality of the oil. From here on begins the process of oil extraction.

The mill

Once arrived at the mill, the olives are immediately defoliated, washed and dried, ready to be processed in ideal thermal and hygienic conditions.
Thus began the delicate process of pressing: the olive is processed with a customized technology based on its maturation and peculiarity, which guarantees the enzymatic activities necessary for the formation of the aromatic substances of the oil.
The olive paste is kneaded at a constant temperature (cold extraction, not above 27 degrees) with low oxidative impact technologies.
The oil is filtered immediately to keep its composition perfect and to avoid impurities decanting.
Excellence is achieved through continuous control and improvement of processes.
We take great care with the olive grove throughout the year to create an ever better product.

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